Hydrogen peroxide in the toilets: what happens is surprising

Hydrogen peroxide in the toilets: what is happening is surprising  . It is a very inexpensive liquid and is best known as hydrogen peroxide.  Its smell is not particularly pleasant and its effect on certain surfaces can be dangerous  . However, this is not the case if it is poured down the toilet.

What are the proper uses of hydrogen peroxide?

It should be emphasized that hydrogen peroxide is not a harmless solution. In fact,  it can cause serious damage to certain surfaces. And contact with skin or hair is even more dangerous.

For this reason,  rubber gloves should be worn when handling this dangerous liquid  . If the hydrogen peroxide eventually comes into contact with the skin, the irritation is severe.

In addition to wearing gloves,  the room should also be well ventilated after use  . In fact,  the strong smell of this product can still irritate the eyes  .  Ideally, wear  safety glasses when using the product.

You should also always remember that  hydrogen peroxide  reacts strongly to shock and heat . To use percarbonate safely,  it is recommended to opt for the powder version.

Hydrogen peroxide in the toilets: what happens is surprising

When it comes to household cleaning,  hydrogen peroxide is  a particularly effective product.  Unlike bleach, this liquid is more environmentally friendly  . So you can  pour the solution  into the toilet  and let it sit for a few minutes.

However, care must be taken not to violate these instructions to allow this product to be poured down the toilet. First of all,  the maximum salary must be 3.6%.  If you find that the volume exceeds 12, avoid using it as there is a risk of damaging surfaces. Finally  , it is strongly recommended that marble or limestone never come into contact with this product.