Eliminate cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes with this blend of kitchen ingredients

Eliminate cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes with this blend of kitchen ingredients

When it starts to get hot, one of the  disadvantages  is certainly the presence of many insects. In particular, there are  cockroaches, flies  and various types of  mosquitoes  that can make our lives really complicated. That said, it is not always necessary to resort to chemicals, but rather natural remedies. Let’s take a closer look.

Eliminates cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes while avoiding chemicals

Why would it be better to avoid  chemicals  to repel insects? Because many of them turn out to be particularly aggressive. This means they could harm animals, plants and humans. It is no coincidence that in most cases it is recommended to keep children and animals away and to ventilate the rooms. To be safe, we recommend using natural solutions and non-harmful remedies. That said, it is clear that summer is one of the most complex periods from this point of view: many insects come out of hibernation and try to obtain food for the winter. Let’s keep an eye out for hiding places and early warnings:  speed of execution  can be decisive.

Natural solutions to eliminate cockroaches and other insects

So, what can be done to resolve this unfortunate situation? There is a very effective and 100% natural method that will be very useful to you. It involves the use of  coffee  and  cloves.  But let’s take a closer look. First we have to put a few tablespoons of rice in a cup and start spreading it so that we can then place the best of the cloves. At this point we add a cup of coffee, of course coffee powder and we have to proceed with a great little trick. Detach a  wick  from a candle, which is the part that is usually lit with a fire, and insert it into the coffee powder, trying to hold it there.

In this case it can be useful to get help with a  spoon , trying to make a small bowl: obviously don’t be afraid to use your fingers to make all this happen. At this point we can proceed by lighting the wick and we will immediately notice how all the aroma will begin to spread into the environment. We thus place one or more “decorated” containers in crucial areas of the house: in front of windows and doors, that is to say all the access routes for insects. In fact, we will have made a kind of lemongrass that is 100% natural and above all very simple and very useful, at almost no cost! Try it and let us know what you think.