Fabric softener, pour it on toilet paper and you won’t believe what happens next

You won’t believe what happens when you pour fabric softener on toilet paper. Everyone starts doing it: below we see why you need to do it.

Fabric softener on toilet paper

Typically, you’re used to using  toilet paper  for what it’s designed for. In fact, this was designed to be used after defecating or urinating. You can’t do without it and that’s why it never fails in the bathroom. But you can also use it differently.

You can’t imagine it, but there are several ways to use it and today we will only see one. As you already read from the title, we are going to apply fabric softener to toilet paper . Fabric softener is also used beyond its original purpose. It is not only used in the washing machine for laundry, as its smell is so strong and persistent that it works in other cases too.

Toilet paper

The combination of these two products will surprise you and you will too . If you want to learn more about how to combine fabric softener with toilet paper, all you have to do is read on. Below, in the next paragraph, you will find all the useful details to understand why you need to get started too!

Fabric softener on toilet paper: That’s why

As already mentioned, you can combine toilet paper with fabric softener. It’s very simple and now let’s see together how to do it. The first thing you need to do is take a new roll of toilet paper and remove the cardboard cylinder inside . If you pull on it calmly, it will come out easily.


After you take out the cardboard cylinder, take out a bowl. First, pour  in half a glass of water and then add 3 tablespoons of alcohol . Stir and add  another 1 tablespoon of baking soda  . Continue stirring until the latter has dissolved.

Fabric softener on toilet paper

At this point, add a capful of fabric softener and stir again. Now place the toilet paper roll without the cardboard cylinder in a plate and pour in the solution you created  . After pouring all the liquid, you can transfer the toilet paper roll into a container.

You can use it whenever you want to quickly clean certain areas of your home. Not only will they be disinfected thanks to alcohol and baking soda, but they will also be very fragrant thanks to the fabric softener we added . You can wipe these soaked cloths on as many surfaces as you like, from the bathroom to the other rooms in your home.

Other uses for laundry

The fabric softener can also be used for many other applications and not just in the washing machine . For example, you can use it to clean windows as it is an anti-static product and helps remove dust and make them streak-free. But also for mopping the floor, for example.

Fabric softener for laundry

It will then help to remove the stickers from the windows and wallpaper. It can be used to clean crusty molds and baking sheets. You can then run it over wooden furniture to make it shiny and fragrant. You can wash the brushes with makeup as it is a delicate product and many other uses.