Washing machine, with the trick of the glass you save a mountain of money at the end of the month

It doesn’t take much to save a lot of money on laundry. You have to follow the glass trick and you will see that you will be immediately surprised. Here’s what you need to do.

A glass of salt in the washing machine

The washing machine is the appliance that we all cannot do without.  It is a salvation for everyone and thanks to which we have cleaned, perfumed and disinfected clothes, laundry and everything else. It should not be missing in any household and especially in everyone’s hectic everyday life.

However, if it is used a lot and often gets dirty. It is inevitable that limescale builds up over time. This is caused by the hardness of the water. But not only limescale deposits, but also dirt  that accumulates over time and various laundry in hidden places in the washing machine.

washing machine

If the washing machine is not clean,  the laundry will not be perfect and consequently you will be forced to wash the clothes a second time because stains and bad smells will not disappear. You will try to use more soap, but that is not the solution. Let’s see how the glass trick works in the next paragraph.

The trick with the glass in the washing machine: Here’s how it works

As I said,  a dirty washing machine produces laundry that is not 100% clean and also causes bad smells . If you wash the laundry a second time, you will use more soap but, above all, more energy. To save money, you should always clean the washing machine, because a clean, lime-free device works best.


The glass trick is the solution because it calculates the correct amount of product to use . Now let’s look at this together:

  • Jar of Coarse Salt: Using a jar of  coarse salt  in the washing machine helps get rid of stains. However, it should only be used on non-delicate fabrics and it is not necessary to fill everything. In fact, 2/3 of a glass is enough. Very effective against sweat stains.
The trick with the glass
  • Jar of Salt and Baking Soda: Using  salt and baking soda together  will help keep your washing machine clean. So they are for maintenance. Take a glass and fill it with water. Then add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. Then pour it into the detergent drawer and wash it empty. If you do this once a month you will have a very clean washing machine.
  • Glass  of citric acid : Pouring a glass of this into the drum will help eliminate all traces of mold in the washing machine. Just pour it in and let it vacuum seal at medium temperatures.
  • Jar of white vinegar : always used for an empty wash. Place in the basket or tray. However, be careful as vinegar can damage the rubber seals. It is better not to overdo it and do this cycle for a very long time.

How to keep a washing machine clean

These are some tips, but frequent maintenance is necessary for a washing machine that works properly and gives you fragrant and clean laundry. In fact, you also need to clean the washing machine normally. Wash the detergent drum, gasket or filter .

Then it also depends on how you do the laundry. Never overload the washing machine as clothes will not get as clean as they should. Do not use more detergent than necessary and follow the instructions on the bottle. The more attention you give, the longer the washing machine will last.