Finally a method that works for opening reinforced plastic containers!

Do you need to change your printer cartridge and can’t open it? Yes, this is normal because this type of packaging is very hard and resistant.

Fortunately, you no longer need scissors or an elbow to successfully open plastic packaging. If you have a can opener, it’s time to use it to get rid of the reinforced packaging! You will see that he offers no resistance!

And how do you do that?

  • Start by picking up a can opener.
  • Hold the container with one hand and open it with the other.
  • With a simple movement you have opened the reinforced plastic container.

The result?

The sturdy packaging can be opened with a can opener in just a few seconds. Practical, right?

If you try this method, you will find that it is much more practical than using scissors.

This trick also works on all reinforced plastic packaging, including light bulbs, USB sticks, ink cartridges, memory cards, and video games.