Vinegar and liquid detergent are enough to put an end to a mosquito infestation

Mosquitoes are undoubtedly one of the most annoying insects in summer. They tend to invade our homes, especially if there are fruits or vegetables in the kitchen.

But having mosquitoes at home is unacceptable and you need to act quickly. Here we explain how to do it with vinegar and dishwashing liquid.

Vinegar and dish soap: everything you need to say goodbye to mosquitoes

To make this natural mosquito trap, follow these steps carefully:

  • Pour some apple cider vinegar into a small plate.
  • Add the right amount of liquid detergent to the dishes.
  • Place the plate in the area most frequently frequented by mosquitoes, for example next to the fruit basket.
  • You simply have to try this product to check its effectiveness. In a few hours you have caught as many mosquitoes as possible in the trap, and that’s it.

You can use this trap not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom and in areas with plants.

Why does this trick work?

As the name suggests, this trap is designed to attract mosquitoes. Apple cider vinegar is particularly attractive to mosquitoes because of its strong smell.

However, once the mosquitoes reach the bottom of the bowl, they can no longer get out. The sticky texture of the cleaner traps mosquitoes inside.

Other preventative tips you should know

The best way to avoid these unwanted guests in the house is to prevent them whenever possible. And you can rely on these practical tips:

Under no circumstances should you leave spoiled fruits and vegetables in the kitchen;
The same goes for standing water, even in the sink.

How to say goodbye to mosquitoes on the ceiling once and for all?

Here are some effective solutions to this type of problem:

1- Suck up the mosquitoes with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner when vacuuming the house;
2- Spray the ceiling with white vinegar and essential oils;
3- Air currents are one of the enemies of mosquitoes. So remember to open doors and windows to create drafts. With these tips, mosquitoes will not be able to fly well;
4- Put a matchstick in a pot. This trick works thanks to the sulfur in the matches.