Why do people pack aluminum foil in their bags before leaving the house?

Have you ever seen people put aluminum foil in their suitcase before leaving the house? It’s a pretty amazing practice, with a reason that will surprise everyone.

There is aluminum foil in all cabinets. It is generally used in the kitchen for food packaging, but also for other, more surprising purposes. However, you should not abuse it, especially when used directly with food.

Aluminum foil is not only used in the kitchen to wrap food. Many people use it to stretch shoes, for example. Aluminum foil is also suitable for correcting defects, for example in electrical conductors.

But today we will analyze the use of aluminum foil in the bag. Yes, most people start stuffing aluminum foil in their pockets before leaving the house. But what is this emerging practice and what does it consist of? Full details can be found in the next section.

Aluminum foil in the bag: why this practice?

As we said, people are starting to put aluminum foil in the bags. How is it prepared? Take a roll of aluminum foil and remove about 20 centimeters.

Then crumple it up and close it into a ball. Then squeeze it firmly to form a compact ball. Now place this small ball of aluminum foil in your bag.

But why is it beneficial? It is very useful when you are traveling and don’t take all your things with you. In fact, it is a great help for people with flyaway hair to straighten it in no time.

In fact, aluminum foil balls can help you avoid the effects of electric hair. This is a very simple reason, especially if there is no room for a comb in your bag.

It is a method that is already very popular and that you can try even before leaving the house, simply using aluminum foil.

The aluminum foil attracts the electrical charge and your hair becomes smooth and flawless. All you have to do is try this simple technique and you will see improvements in no time.

All you need to do is put small balls of aluminum foil in your pocket and you can say goodbye to electric hair.