Why wrap a banana in aluminum foil? The reason will surprise you!

Today we explain why you should do what everyone else does and wrap a banana in aluminum foil. When you understand why, you will be surprised.

If you buy bananas and forget to eat them, they will ripen quickly and even become unsightly after a few days.

If you still buy green bananas and want to ripen them slowly, you will find the entire process in this article. We’ll tell you everything.

Why wrap bananas in aluminum foil? A tip you definitely need to know!

Almost everyone has aluminum foil in their kitchen cupboards. Although it is usually used to package food for preservation, it is also the ideal accessory to slow down the ripening of your bananas. To do this, wrap the bananas individually.

Take a sheet of aluminum foil and cut it into several pieces according to the size of each banana. Next, wrap the fruit individually, but not together, in a large sheet.

The aluminum foil protects the banana from light because light stimulates the ripening process. Therefore, protecting the banana from light can slow down its ripening.

The aluminum foil also protects the banana from moisture. Moisture is responsible for the discoloration of the fruit. Wrapping the banana in aluminum foil prevents these unsightly spots from appearing on the fruit.

By wrapping the bananas in aluminum foil, you can store the fruit at a temperature between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Where should I store foil-wrapped bananas?

When the bananas are perfectly wrapped in aluminum foil, the fruits are protected from light and moisture. You should then store the individually wrapped bananas in a cool, dry place in your kitchen.

Optionally, you can place them in the special fruit compartment of your refrigerator, especially if the outside temperatures exceed 30 degrees.

Before using the aluminum foil method, we recommend that you carefully select bananas when shopping.

Buy yellow bananas with green tops. Once you get home, place the bananas away from light sources. Avoid putting green bananas in the refrigerator.