Find out how to hang your clothes to avoid ironing them in this scorching summer!

How to hang clothes to avoid ironing them.

Ironing clothes is one of the most tedious household tasks that exist. So tedious that many times, when we decide to face it, the pile of dirty clothes is so high that it’s scary. But there are some tips, actually very simple, that in some cases can save us from tedious ironing.

We describe them below.

How to arrange clothes to avoid ironing

In the washing phase

An elementary tip that can be taken in the washing phase is to limit the temperature, because generally if you wash at high temperatures the clothes tend to have more wrinkles and in this case you have to iron them.

But, of course, it must also be taken into account that some garments, for example underwear, must be washed at high temperatures and, therefore, ironing them is inevitable.

In the turning phase

The objective of spinning is to remove excess water and mechanically spin the clothes: it is clear that the more we spin, the more they wrinkle and the more they have to be ironed. Therefore, it may be helpful to reduce the spin cycle. The clothes will come out of the washing machine less wrinkled.


An essential rule when washing clothes is to follow the instructions encoded on the labels, which is essential to avoid damaging them. But it is also important to know what type of fabric it is: it is better to choose cotton and jersey garments.

If it is shirts, you may already know that there are stores specialized in fabrics that do not require ironing.

Finally, it is advisable to avoid polyester clothing: they wrinkle very quickly and are difficult to iron.

When ironing

As silly as it may seem, when the washing program ends, the clothes should be taken out of the drum immediately. On the one hand, because if they are left inside for too long they run the risk of picking up unpleasant odors and, on the other hand, because they will tend to wrinkle much more.

It is best to take them out immediately after finishing the wash cycle and hang them up as soon as possible.

How to hang clothes

If our grandmothers and mothers beat the clothes before hanging them, there was a reason: it was a vigorous way of “ironing” wet clothes.


Then there is the tweezer mark: sometimes it doesn’t come off, even with an iron. What is the advice then? Place clothespins in hidden places on shirts and pants, such as near the seams or perhaps under the armpits.

If possible, clothespins should be avoided at all costs.

Finally, remember that clothes should be hung upside down, which will make them easier to fold.