Grandma’s 5+1 best tricks to whiten yellowed sheets

Grandma’s sheets are a priceless heirloom, jealously guarded from generation to generation. However, as the years go by and we inherit this treasure as adults, it is not uncommon to notice the appearance of yellow spots. Sheets that were once dazzling white lose their shine. What can you do to restore them to their former glory? Don’t worry. Today we present 5+1 natural remedies to whiten your yellowed sheets and restore them to their former perfection.
Baking Soda Baking soda
is an essential solution for removing stubborn yellow stains. Acts as a powerful whitening agent. Simply place the sheets in the washing machine drum and add a generous amount of baking soda. For specific stains, moisten the area and apply a paste of baking soda and water.

Marseille Soap
Marseille soap, an old grandmother’s trick, is fantastic for treating yellowed sheets. Its fragrance will also help eliminate any trapped odors. Pretreat tough stains by wetting and scrubbing with soap, then add a tablespoon of flakes to the laundry basket for great results.
Sodium percarbonate
Sodium percarbonate, a powerful degreaser, is ideal for restoring the shine to your sheets. Please use it specifically, as it operates at a temperature of at least 40°C. Add a tablespoon of sodium percarbonate after loading the sheets into the drum and start washing at medium or high temperature. Your sheets will be like new!

Hydrogen Peroxide
10% (3%) hydrogen peroxide is a common and very useful ingredient in this context. Add a tablespoon of this product to the detergent dispenser with the other products you use. For concentrated stains, pretreat with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to being the tastiest citrus fruit, lemon is an excellent natural remedy for whitening yellowish tissues. Strain half a glass of lemon juice and put it in the washing machine. Lemon will provide effectiveness and an intoxicating fragrance.

White Vinegar
Lastly, white vinegar is an essential ingredient in the washing machine. Use it as a fabric softener by adding a teaspoon of white vinegar and another teaspoon of essential oils to the washing machine. The sheets will regain their original shine, they will be soft, clean and always fresh.