Tips to fix a suction cup and never let it come loose again

Are you looking for tips on attaching a suction cup? Have you ever placed a suction cup on a wall and then discovered that it doesn’t hold? In fact, suction cups are fixing devices that allow objects such as a glove or a kitchen towel to be hung without making holes in the walls. They make the daily lives of many people easier. However, the suction cups often do not hold and you have to pick them up to stick them back on.
For this reason, you wonder how to make them last. Don’t worry ! There are tips for attaching a suction cup. These are simply practical provisions to promote good adherence.

What are the tips for placing a suction cup correctly?
Before applying the tips for attaching a suction cup, you need to make sure the surface is clean. This simple arrangement will allow the suction cup to do its job correctly. In fact, dirt and dust can prevent the suction cup from adhering properly. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and soapy water. Then, wait for the surface to dry completely before applying the suction cup.
Another caution: the suction cup should not be too small and avoid the edges of the surface. If you do not take these tips into account when placing a suction cup, it will not hold over time. You must place it strategically avoiding air bubbles that could cause accidental falls.

Among the tips to fix a suction cup, this last one is very important. Before placing the suction cup, leave it in hot water for a few minutes. The heat will soften the suction cup and promote good adhesion. Now all that remains is to put the suction cup on. Press firmly to create even pressure on the surface of your device.

When it’s time to remove the suction cup, use a nail or object to force air bubbles into it to make it easier to remove.