Flushing cloves down the toilet solves a problem we all have

Bad smells coming from your bathroom? In addition to a daily required careful cleaning of this part, you can get rid of it thanks to unstoppable natural tricks.

Whether the smells come from the pipes of the sink, shower or toilets, these smells are unpleasant every day and ruin our lives. Conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Nature tips remain a healthy and ecological alternative.

What tips to combat bad smells in the bathroom?

Natural ingredients can come to your aid for a disinfected bathroom and clean toilets. These tips have the advantage of being natural and inexpensive. These natural ingredients within reach of our kitchen represent a healthy alternative to care for our interior.

– Clove to eliminate bad smells in the bathroom

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, cloves are also used to eliminate bad odors emanating from bathrooms and toilets.

In fact, clove has a direct impact on the unpleasant odors that come from the sewers or even the pipes. The aim is to offer a natural solution made from aromatic plants as an alternative to harmful chemicals.

Carnation 2

Using cloves   with other ingredients like baking soda and essential oils helps create a natural solution that defies toilet stench. To do this you must:

– 1 liter of water
– 12 cloves
– 10 drops of clove essential oil or another aroma of your choice
– 18 teaspoons of baking soda

Mix these ingredients in a bottle and place it in a corner of the bathroom. Be sure to leave the lid open. The liquid thus absorbs the bad smell of the room while spreading a sweet and subtle perfume.

Clove essential oil

– DIY tablets to combat unpleasant odors in the bathroom

Another natural remedy appears to be effective in putting an end to disgusting smells from toilets and drains. It’s about making lozenges based on natural products. To successfully create this natural solution, six ingredients must be combined.

– A cup of baking soda
– Juice of half a lemon
– A few drops of essential oil (lavandin, clove, etc.)
– A tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide

Mix these components until a paste is obtained. To do this, the composition must be left for more than 16 hours. Then form small dry balls and use them as soon as bad smells appear. To do this, simply throw them in the bowl and flush the toilet to have a toilet that smells clean.

– Coffee beans and lemon peel to eliminate bad smells

These tips are effective  and consist of combating bad odors. Coffee beans or even orange peels are organic and ecological products that will certainly help you get rid of those annoying bathroom odors. Both solutions guarantee you a good result. Simply take the orange peels or coffee beans and place them on a radiator or on a cup. For your olfactory pleasure, there will always be a subtle and pleasant smell in your bathroom.

Coffee beans 3

It is recommended to give preference to natural solutions that do not harm your health. Don’t hesitate to try these tips that you will surely adopt.