Foil in your shoes, this is why you should start doing it every night

Putting aluminum foil in your shoes every night produces a surprising result. Here’s which one.

One of the clothes that we cannot do without and that we will hardly get out of unless we are on a beach, are the shoes  that  protect our feet and help us walk faster.

Although at  home  many tend to use  non-slip socks  instead of a pair of slippers or skates so as not to damage the floor, especially if it is parquet, others use shoes .

Aluminum Foil: This is why it is useful in shoes

It would be hygienic to remove them at the entrance to the  house  so as not to bring all the dirt from the outside into the rooms, but sometimes we don’t mind or we just have to take something from a room and then leave again .

The choice of which  shoes  to buy is very important, because the entire weight of our body rests on the feet and therefore having uncomfortable shoes also prevents us from walking perfectly.

For this reason, each of us gets to know our body and  our foot  and therefore decides which  shoe  to buy based not only on model and design appeal, but also on comfort and grip.

However, often we find   cheap and attractive shoes and buy them by quickly trying them on or even buying them just because we had a similar pair and so we go with our eyes closed.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves with  tight shoes  and we can no longer take them back for exchange and so we have to find a solution to get them in without having to resell them or even throw them away.

What happens when inserted into shoes

One of the methods used by  housewives,  due to secrets revealed by their  grandmothers  , is that of letting  the aluminum foil rest inside the  shoes  in the evening so that they expand.

First, you need to have some aluminum foil  with you and roll them into a shape that can fit inside your shoe. Then immerse the leaves in a little  alcohol  and insert them inside the shoe.

We must be careful not to damage the  shoes  with alcohol and therefore, before continuing, make sure that it does not completely damage our shoes otherwise we would have to throw them away.

Aluminum foil: here's why you should use it in shoes

Once this is done, we leave the aluminum foil  impregnated with alcohol inside our shoes overnight and if necessary, for a whole day and we will see how the evaporation of the  alcohol  will swell our shoes.

Once worn, to ensure that they adhere to our foot, it is recommended to walk around the house also doing household chores for at least  30 minutes  a day so that the shoes take the desired shape.

With this method we will be able to recover our  shoes that  are too tight for us without resorting to sales applications to be able to earn something or throw them in the dumpster.

You will see that with a little  aluminum foil  they will fit perfectly and you will have no problem walking.