Fresh flowers, the florists’ secret to making them last 30 days without letting them wilt

Fresh and always beautiful flowers: here is the florists’ secret to making them last 30 days without letting them wilt. Let’s discover the nurseryman’s tip.

fresh flowers

One of the problems we face while purchasing fresh flowers is caring for them without letting them wither. There are a few small precautions and tips you can use to prevent fresh flowers from wilting. Not everyone is aware that there are secrets that only florists can know and implement to prevent fresh flowers from going bad. How is it possible to keep the freshness of  freshly purchased flowers intact  ? There are some good rules to follow that help prolong the life of flowers. Only if properly cared for will our bouquet of flowers last a long time. With proper care from the nursery or florist, it is possible to not let the bouquet of fresh flowers wither. Let’s see how to prolong the freshness of flowers.

Fresh flowers for longer: how to store them?

As soon as you buy fresh flowers, you should immediately put them in a clean vase with a little fresh water, which should wet the stem halfway. The stem should have been  cut crosswise  three centimeters from the bottom. This allows for greater water absorption. In case the flower has only one bud, it is necessary to cut it only when the bud is open. When putting the flowers in the vase, it is good not to immerse the greenery in water, but it is necessary to remove the leaves and prevent the flower stems from rotting. The  water in the vase  must be changed regularly so that it does not putrefy. The advice is to change it every 48 hours.

fresh flowers

Florists recommend using lukewarm water, never too cold and never too hot. To ensure good nutrition for cut flowers, add a  teaspoon of sugar  to the water. Florists recommend always removing dried leaves and flowers and cutting the stems at a forty-five degree angle to allow the flowers to absorb more water. It is advisable to place the vase of cut flowers in a  cool environment  and never near heat sources which can wilt the leaves and accelerate their deterioration. Florists recommend placing the vase of cut flowers outside, i.e. on the balcony, so that it benefits from natural air and sunlight.

fresh flowers

Fresh flowers: how to preserve them with natural remedies?

Among the  natural remedies  to contribute to the good maintenance of freshly cut flowers is the use of  half a tablet of Aspirin  . The important thing is to dissolve only half a tablet in water as a whole tablet could contribute to drying out the stem and greenery. To reduce the bacterial load that could form inside the vase, it is advisable to add two drops of wine vinegar and a little lemon juice, without exaggerating too much. Each time you change the water in the vase, it is a good idea to clean the walls of the vase using a sponge soaked in a little bicarbonate  and lemon. This helps reduce the growth of bacteria on the vessel walls. A good preservative to use for polishing the leaves is one made from lemon juice and sugar.

Garden with fresh flowers

With these simple gardener tips, you can keep flowers fresh and intact for a long time, as if they were just bought or received.