From now on, don’t throw away the paper towel rolls: they are precious

When we use up the entire roll of paper towels, we tend to throw them in the trash.  However, this is a real mistake, because by recycling  it is entirely possible to give it a second life. Discover the many ideas for reusing these rolls.

From now on, don’t throw away the paper towel rolls: they are precious

Whether it’s  paper towel rolls  , toilet paper, or other old and worn items, always think about how you can reuse them before throwing them in the trash. In fact, these items can be very valuable as they make it possible  to obtain something both useful and decorative. 

In this article you will create something new with the roller blind and a wardrobe. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this:

  1. Take used  hangers  and rolls;
  2. Cut a roll in two without cutting it completely;
  3. Wrap from the inside with a colored ribbon;
  4. Hang the roll on a hanger from the central cut and attach your pants;
  5. This gives you extra space to store pants.

You can also use the cardboard rolls to make small pots for houseplants.  It is also a fun and creative activity for children. You can also use the rolls to make colorful  bracelets  or even small figures  . You just need to know how to decorate them;

How do you recycle clothes hangers? 

If you have old hangers lying around the house, you can combine them with clips that you attach to the ends.  This way you can wrap cables or wires.

You can also  wrap two rubber bands around the ends of the hanger to hang the dress  . This means it no longer slips.