Shiny, fragrant floors with 1 drop of this

Shiny, fragrant floors with 1 drop of this.  As an alternative to chemical cleaners, there are many natural products that you can use for  household cleaning  . The aim is to avoid these aggressive, expensive and environmentally harmful products. By using ecological products, you not only get a perfectly shiny floor, but also a pleasant scent.

Deodorize the home with oil diffusers

The classic air fresheners used in a home are  essential oil diffusers  . They allow you  to heat a few drops of essential oil with the flame of a candle  . This converts the heated essential oil into  steam, which is then  distributed throughout the room  .

There are also  so-called electric  essential oil diffusers   that work via a mains connection.  The essential oil is mixed with water, which then evaporates in the house.

However, you may have asked yourself, “How do you keep your indoor spaces smelling good?” « . In fact,  the secret to a scented home is cleanliness  . A house that is cared for from time to time will always be fragrant. However, this depends on the product used. Even with natural ingredients we can create a fresh and fragrant home.

Shiny, fragrant floors with 1 drop of this

This trick is not compatible with all soil types  .  It is particularly suitable for marble, ceramic and parquet surfaces.  The mixture of these natural ingredients makes it possible to obtain a perfect cleaning product that will clean your home and give a pleasant scent without damaging the affected surface.

To do this, you need to collect the following ingredients:  white wine vinegar, fabric softener and  baking soda  .

Now let’s prepare your natural detergent:

  • Pour 100 ml of vinegar into a bucket
  • Add a drop of fabric softener
  • Pour in three tablespoons of baking soda
  • Pour in lukewarm water and mix everything together

The vinegar has a disinfecting effect  . Because of its cleaning properties, bicarbonate is used to   remove  even the most stubborn  dirt . The fabric softener ensures the pleasant scent  . Without spending a penny, this method allows you to make the floor clean and fragrant. A little useful tip:  Don’t forget to ventilate your house from time to time to prevent the formation of bad smells and mold.