From the beginning of September, sprinkle mint on the ground: that’s why everyone does it

September marks the beginning of autumn. This season precedes winter and is considered a month of rebirth. It is also time to return to the daily routine after the holidays. It’s time to put order and thoroughly clean the house. Spreading mint on the floor can help prevent insects from invading your home.

From the beginning of September, spread mint on the ground: this is how everyone does it

Ants are one of the characteristic insects of this season. Although harmless, they are invasive and annoying. These bugs are attracted to food crumbs, which explains their constant presence in the kitchen.

To prevent the appearance of these bugs, chemicals are no longer in fashion. It is better to resort to natural products such as insecticides. Chemical products are full of components that are harmful to the environment and our health.

And they are also not as effective, because the ants continue to appear. However, there is a natural ingredient that can prevent the appearance of these undesirable insects once and for all. They are fresh mint leaves.

While the smell and essence of mint are pleasant to humans, the opposite is true for ants. It may seem impossible, but we can guarantee that ants will hate your house once you’ve spread mint on the floor. Don’t hesitate to target the areas that ants like the most if you want this trick to be effective.