Grandma’s little tips for removing musty smells from clothes easily and naturally!

Are you preparing for an important meeting and have freshly washed clothes that smell bad due to mold and moisture ? And now you’re wondering why there’s that musty smell in freshly washed clothes? The most common cause is nothing other than “poor drying”. .

Mold occurs when clothes are not dried properly . They occur in fabric fibers and develop unpleasant odors. Be it bed linen, towels or clothes: If the drying phase is not optimal or you don’t put them in the closet completely dry, you have to be prepared for this inconvenience.

If you mask this smell with perfume or air freshener, you can still smell it. Fortunately, there are natural and ecological solutions that can help.

How do I remove musty smells from laundry? Try one of these great tips from grandma.

Salt and lemon
To neutralize unwanted odors from your clothes , use this miraculous combination of salt and lemon.

These are two ingredients that are known to effectively combat bad odors thanks to their fungicidal and antibacterial properties. In addition, salt has excellent absorption properties .


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To do this, take a bowl and add a teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of salt into it. Mix well until a paste forms. Then apply the mixture to clothing and leave it on for a few moments.

Next, mix 600 ml of lemon juice with 5 liters of water. Soak the clothes in this mixture for 45 minutes and then wash them in the washing machine.

This remedy is only suitable for light or white clothing Due to the brightening properties of lemon

White vinegar and baking soda
To put an end to musty smells, here’s the winning duo to help: baking soda and white vinegar. These two cleaning products are known for their exceptional deodorant and anti-mold properties.

Simply add a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine and start the cycle. Next, add baking soda and run the second wash cycle.

You can add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to perfume your laundry.