Coffee grounds on the doorstep: why use this natural remedy?

Placing coffee grounds in front of the door can solve a very common problem, especially for animal lovers.

Many households have pets, especially cats and dogs . However, they often tend to get too close to your plants that are near the balcony door or front door and can cause unpleasant smells .

Cats particularly like plants, both in the garden and in the house or on the balcony. To prevent them from getting too close, here are some very effective natural remedies.

What is the best way to keep cats away from driveway plants?

Many people resort to grandmother’s remedies, which are simple, effective and inexpensive. Plus, they’re usually based on ingredients we all have at home.

To keep your cats away from plants near the entrance , you will need a remedy made from coffee grounds.


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Cats don’t like the smell of coffee at all. So if you put it in the saucers of your plants, they will disappear naturally. So just take some coffee grounds and pour them into the saucers.

But you can also place it near the front door or on the balcony in a small bowl to keep the cat away from that area of ​​the house.

Other ways to keep cats away from plants
Here are some other natural remedies to keep your cats away from indoor and balcony plants

Essential Oil
Cats cannot tolerate certain essential oil smells such as rosemary, lemongrass, orange, lavender or cinnamon. Simply prepare a few cotton pads soaked in essential oil to place at the base of the plant.