Sage under the pillow and 3 other ancient rituals that don’t deserve to be forgotten

This ancient practice remains widespread today in many spiritual and popular traditions around the world.

The ritual of sage under the pillow
Preparation: To start the sage ritual under your pillow , get some high-quality sage leaves. You can find it in hypermarkets, specialty stores or even online. Make sure it is organic and grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.
Energy Cleansing: Create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom before bed. Turn off electronic devices, lights, and noises that can disrupt sleep. Light a piece of dry sage and let it burn for a few moments. Then gently blow on the flame until it goes out and only a thin column of smoke remains. Walk around your bed and wave smoldering sage to cleanse the area’s energy and ward off negative energies.
Preparing the Pillow: Take a few sage leaves and place them under the pillow or between the sheets at the head of the bed. This symbolic section contributes to a relaxed atmosphere and promotes peaceful sleep.
Intention and meditation: Before bed, take a few minutes to meditate or focus on your intentions for the night. You can imagine a protective shield around you, warding off any negative energy or anxious thoughts. Repeat positive, calming phrases to yourself, such as: “I am safe, I am protected, and I am allowing myself a peaceful, restful sleep.”
Thanksgiving: When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to thank sage for its help in improving sleep quality and warding off unwanted energies. You can also thank yourself for a new day and for being able to start the day with positive energy.
3 more sage rituals
Home Cleansing Ritual: Use a bunch of dried white sage, also called “incense,” to cleanse your home or workspace. Light the bouquet safely and spread the smoke in a circular motion throughout each room. Focus on hidden nooks and crannies where negative energies can accumulate.
Personal Healing Ritual: Prepare a relaxing bath by adding a few sage leaves to warm water. Climb into the tub and fully immerse yourself to allow the sage to act as a cleanser for the body and mind. Imagine the water washing away any negativity and tension as you completely relax.
Clear your mind: Light a piece of charcoal and place it in an incense burner or heatproof bowl. Add a few sage leaves to the charcoal and let the smoke fill the room. While sitting or standing, focus your attention on the smoke and clear your mind of confusing thoughts or worries. This ritual can help you find mental clarity and focus.
Sage is a valuable ally for anyone seeking to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health.


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However, it is important to remember that rituals can be personalized and tailored to your beliefs and intentions. Whether you’re an experienced spiritual practitioner or simply curious, incorporating sage into your rituals can bring lasting benefits to your life.

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