Have you stained your shirt with the iron? Don’t throw it away, you can fix it


Natural remedies to remove iron stains from shirts

Instinctively the first thing everyone tries to do is to wet the shirt and rub it, desperately trying to make the stain disappear, but nothing. She remains there firmly between the fibers of the fabric . At this point you may have thought that arming yourself with soap could be one of the solutions.

Thus you will have equipped yourself with Marseille soap flakes which, being an excellent natural and delicate degreaser, could solve the problem, safeguarding the integrity of the shirt. After a good scrubbing and immersion in the basin, soaking it for hours , you just dried it and voilà. And no, definitely the stain has faded but it’s still there.


Once the shirt has dried, what you need to do to remove it forever is to use vinegar . This ingredient is an excellent natural remedy for eliminating stains and softening fabrics thanks to its antibacterial and whitening properties. It can be used to remove wine , coffee, grease and even limescale stains from fabrics. Simply add some to your washing machine along with your detergent for best results. Furthermore, vinegar helps to soften fabrics , especially when used as a natural softener, ensuring fresh and soft laundry.


To remove the stain caused by the iron, soak a cloth in vinegar and dab the stain. Leave it to act for a few minutes and remove the vinegar residues using a damp cloth.

At this point, to ensure an impeccable result, all you have to do is give the stain the final blow using an excellent natural whitener, lemon . Squeeze a few drops directly onto the affected area and let the shirt dry in the sun.