Plastic shower enclosure: do this to make it shiny


For everyone, showering represents that period of time in which you dedicate yourself to your personal hygiene and relax. However, after taking a shower, you find yourself dealing with soap and humidity stains that dirty the shower cabin or the plastic curtain. To clean it thoroughly, you don’t need to use chemical and harmful products, just open the pantry and you’ll find all the ingredients you need. Let’s go and discover them.

Natural remedies to easily clean and disinfect the shower cabin

One of the most effective natural remedies for cleaning the shower cabin is wine vinegar . Wine vinegar is a powerful disinfectant and degreaser that can easily remove soap and limescale buildup To use it, fill a basin with half water and half vinegar, dip a sponge in the solution, pass it over the glass or plastic shower curtains, rinse and dry.


Another natural remedy for cleaning the shower cabin is sodium bicarbonate . This ingredient is an excellent ally for removing soap stains and dirt in a delicate but effective way. Mix 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with a drizzle of water until a thick paste forms, apply the mixture to the stains, leave it to act, rub with a damp cloth and dry .

Another very natural and effective ingredient for cleaning the shower cabin, thanks to its antibacterial and degreasing properties, is lemon juice. Press the juice of a lemon , add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda , dip a brush into the solution, rub on the stained areas of the shower cabin, leave to act for a few minutes and rinse.

coarse salt

Finally, you can use salt, a very useful ingredient for removing stains, thanks to its slightly abrasive properties. In a basin containing hot water, pour 4 tablespoons of coarse salt and a tablespoon of Marseille soap. Dip a sponge in the mixture, rub the surface of the shower enclosure, rinse and dry.