Heating a bottle cap with a lighter: what happens is unexpected

What happens if the bottle cap is heated with a lighter? Absolutely amazing – try it now.

How many     plastic bottles and caps are thrown away every day? It’s time to make decisions and also help the environment in one way or another. Recycling is an art but also a duty to respect the Earth and all living beings. For this reason, companies have changed their methods, trying to reuse plastic in all possible ways or eliminate it   directly from packaging.

Plus, experts spend time inventing and teaching the art of recycling – have you ever tried burning a  plastic bottle cap   with a lighter? Something wonderful comes out of that.

Plastic pollution: alarming data

Before you learn how to recycle bottle caps and create something wonderful, you need to take a step back because   plastic pollution   has become unsustainable.

In recent decades, a devastating domino effect has been observed, with the consumption of plastic objects exceeding the authorized limit. Hence the increase in pollution   not only on land but also in the seas: in some countries in the world there are no adequate waste collection systems, making the problem even more serious and felt.

The figures and data are continually updated, but   WWF remembers that 450 million tons of plastic   are produced    , 8 million tons that end up directly in the seas and oceans with more than   700 species   that have been overwhelmed by this phenomenon each year.

Plastic caps

If the intention is to go further, there are technologically advanced recycling methods to consider. Not only that, as mentioned, there are also   fun ways   to create something new without throwing corks and plastic in the trash.

Recycle plastic lids – simply heat them to create something unique

Some recycling experts   show how a simple cork can become a useful everyday object. In this case, a dispenser with a spout is created, ideal for having a container for DIY work and not having thrown away the bottle and cap.

What you need is:

  • Plastic cap (without throwing away the bottle).
  • Toothpick
  • pliers
  • A lighter

We proceed   step by step   , and it is a game reserved for adults and not for children and minors who run the risk of injury.

How to do?

bottle cap
  1. Take a plastic cap
  2. Lightly prick with a toothpick in the central part
  3. Take the lighter and heat the top of the cap, only in the central area but without letting it melt completely.

Once the   plastic has softened   from the heat of the lighter, remove the toothpick. Hold the lid with pliers, while the toothpick pierces the plastic, gently stretching it.

What is created is a beautiful spout, ideal for glue or for dispensing some   everyday DIY essentials.