Here are 5 things you should do if you want to have consistently thick and fragrant rosemary

Here’s how to keep rosemary consistently bushy with these five tips that will completely change its appearance.

We reveal to you the five tips that will allow you to keep your  rosemary  healthy, no one expected it to be so easy.

Constantly thick rosemary, this is how it’s done

Many people would like to be able to enjoy   consistently thick and fragrant rosemary . Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible.

That is why today we offer you  5 very important tips  , which we are sure will completely change the appearance of your plant. These are 5 very simple tricks to apply.


First, it is very important  to cut off  damaged parts of the plant as they appear. The fundamental time to do it is undoubtedly spring, a period in which we will have to facilitate the growth of this vegetable.

Another  fundamental step  , which many are unaware of, is to transplant the plant approximately every 2 or 3 years. This will help the rosemary to develop properly, also depending on the space it needs.

In fact, as the  plant  develops, it needs more space to grow, so transplanting is only important if you are moving from a smaller container to a larger one or from a narrower plot to a larger one. Another fundamental advice that we give you is related to fertilization.

You should know that this plant also needs  fertilizer  , in order to be helped in its growth. We advise you to fertilize the plant starting in March, precisely in conjunction with the arrival of spring and cutting the tips.

Protect it like this

Rosemary is a very beloved plant, especially in the kitchen because of the aroma that it manages to  transmit  to all the dishes that are prepared with its help.

Not everyone knows, however, that for this plant to grow  luxuriantly  , it is essential to protect it. To do this, you can prevent it from being constantly exposed to excessive heat.

Constantly thick rosemary

Therefore, place it in a  dry and well-ventilated place  , but protected from direct sunlight. Another tip we give you is to protect rosemary from parasites and other diseases that may affect it.

To do this, we must periodically apply a  pesticide  that performs this protective function. You can buy one at a specific store or create it directly at home, with the ingredients you have available.

Some argue that among the inexpensive pesticides that we can find directly at home,  Marseille soap  is the best. If you want to use this product, we advise you to dissolve about 20 grams in a water bath.

Add 500 milliliters of  water  and combine everything to insert into a spray bottle or, in general, a bottle equipped with a vaporizer. Once this is done, you can spray it on your plants to make it light, but effective at the same time.

With these 5 tips that we have just given you, we are sure that you will get a truly leafy and healthy plant, which you can keep as an ornamental plant or use it to prepare your dishes.