Strong and leafy geraniums, add this ingredient: the gardener’s trick

To always have strong and lush geraniums, you only need one ingredient. Gardeners use this trick too, come and find out for yourself.

Geranium is a plant that does not require much care and is therefore also ideal for those who do not have a green thumb. The botanical name geranium is actually a group of plants belonging to the genus Pelargonium that belongs to the Geraniaceae family. The name of this plant comes from Latin and means crane due to the allusion to the beak of this animal.

The original location of the geranium plant is South Africa and it was later imported to Europe. As we have said,  it is a plant that does not need much care, but it does need a minimum of attention  . Among these is undoubtedly the location, since it must be well positioned in the sun. Then fertilizing every 3 or 4 months. And even then, move the soil frequently to allow the plant to breathe and to ensure that water reaches the roots.


It is also important to remove wilted flowers and never tear up wasted photos, at least cut them with scissors. Then there is a trick that comes from gardeners and that helps to have a plant that always blooms with beautiful flowers. It is an ingredient commonly found in all kitchens. All the details, below.

Trick for perfect geraniums: go to the kitchen

The geranium is a plant that always blooms and that is why it always has flowers. And to help the plant always be that way, there is an ingredient that you will surely find in your kitchen that will help you. We are talking about sugar, a very good natural ingredient for revitalizing plants  .

Especially in winter when the cold starts to lose color due to lack of light and the leaves start to turn yellow, you can take the sugar and start right away. In fact, to avoid all this,  just sprinkle the floor with icing sugar  . Simply take the granulated sugar and put it in the mixer.

sugar in geraniums

For an even stronger fertilizer, you can mix sugar with ground coffee and always put it on the ground  . At this point all that remains is to water so that the mixture is well incorporated into the soil  . For additional nutrients, sugar can also be mixed with other natural products such as yeast or white vinegar.

Sugar in geraniums: tips and curiosities

Sugar is a very effective method to nourish the plant since it contains glucose but promotes the development of the plant’s root system  . In addition, sugar also protects the plant from nematodes, which are very small parasitic worms that can invade plants.

geraniums in bloom

But be careful not to overdo it because sugar should be used in moderation  . In fact, it is beneficial for plants, but it also feeds bacteria and too high a dose of sugar can cause plants to rot. Therefore, it is recommended to use sugar on geraniums only once a month  .

Once you have a lush, flowering plant, also be careful not to let it get too cold, as it cannot withstand cold and frost. Also, in winter it is better not to water it too much. With a few small precautions you can always have the plant with flowers.