Here is the technique never revealed by cleaning companies for perfectly clean roller shutters 

Due to prolonged exposure to external influences, the shutters are never protected from dirt and stains. Nevertheless, it influences the aesthetics of the house. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance. And if that wasn’t enough,  get into the habit of doing a deep cleaning at least once a month  . You can rely on these tips. 

What should be done beforehand?

The first step is  to dust the shutters  . However, you should be careful to disassemble them for convenience. To do this,  you can use a broom with hard bristles that you simply have to run over the shutters  . Insist on the cracks where dirt accumulates. 

Here is the technique never revealed by cleaning companies for perfectly clean roller shutters 

The first natural product we recommend for washing  shutters  is Marseille soap  . It is a degreasing product that works on all surfaces. To use it, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Pour hot water into a bucket and add 2 tablespoons Marseille soap flakes;
  2. Mix well and soak a sponge in the solution.
  3. Scrub the dirty flaps;
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to rinse.

How to freshen up shutters with yellow soap?

In addition to Marseille soap,  yellow soap is also   an important ally in the field of household care.  To use it, divide the dough into a ball, which you then dissolve on a soft sponge.

Once it is well soaked, you can clean the shutters. Rinse generously to remove soap residue.

Baking soda: a very effective natural product for deep cleaning window shutters

This popular   home care  white powder solves many common household problems. Whether it’s for cleaning floors or ensuring perfect laundry when machine washed, baking soda comes in handy. 

To use baking soda when cleaning roller shutters, form a paste or a type of gel out of water and baking soda. A sponge should then be soaked with the product before rubbing over the damaged areas of the closure.