What not to keep under the kitchen sink

Here’s  what not to keep under the kitchen sink  . To give you an idea of ​​which items are not allowed to be stored in this area of ​​the kitchen, we mention tea towels  ,  boxes  ,  but also  onions  or  potatoes  . This is actually due to the high humidity that exists under the sink. We invite you to read on to learn more about this trick.

Why should you avoid storing under the sink?

We don’t always think about checking whether this is the best location for this or that object, but rather we tend to use every available space. One of the dark areas in the kitchen is the area under the sink. If the space in the kitchen is not in your favor, we do not hesitate to store certain items under the sink.

It’s a good idea to use all available space for storage, but you should know that not everything can be stored in the cupboard under the sink.  This is due to hydraulic problems or minor leaks that may occur. Moisture can potentially   build up in this location, making it unsuitable for preserving certain objects.

What not to keep under the kitchen sink

At first glance, it is not advisable   to store boxes under the  kitchen sink . Due to the humidity that occurs, the boxes can become wet and  the food or objects they contain can become wet  . Instead, it is recommended to place containers made of metal or recycled plastic that are not afraid of moisture. Those made of waterproof fabric will also suffice.

Second, as mentioned above,  avoid  putting dish towels  inside. Just like cardboard, rags can get wet and  develop a bad smell  . This is due to the  proliferation of bacteria and  mold  . It is therefore strongly advised not to use these cloths to scrub kitchen surfaces.

Finally, pickling onions and potatoes is not recommended. In fact, this vegetable is not suitable for storage in a humid environment.  Place them in a canvas or mesh bag and store them in a basement or storage room  .