Here’s how to clean out closets and fold clothes in just a few minutes using the Konmari method

The  Konmari method  is one of the most famous in the world for  decluttering your entire home  . This  effective method, developed by Marie Kondo, brings harmony and balance to our home without us having to make so much effort.

If you don’t have much time to clean out your closet and feel like you have too many clothes but nothing to wear, decluttering can be a very complicated matter. Marie Kondo’s Konmari Method  is designed precisely to create order, starting from a very simple foundation: ”  Keep only what makes you happy  “.

Marie Kondo is a well-known author who has written four books entirely dedicated to the art of tidying. His method was described in his book “The Magic of Order,” which immediately became a bestseller.

According to Marie Kondo, we should  only keep items that are useful  and whose usefulness gives us a spark of happiness. On the contrary: we should let go of everything that we don’t need or use with gratitude. A good philosophy that can be put into practice as follows.

The key points of the Konmari method


Before you start tidying up, it is important to choose the ideal time to do it. According to Marie, it’s good to start early in the morning to have more energy and better concentration.

Remember that it is important not to leave anything half done. When you start cleaning out your closet, you need to finish it the same day.


It is important to tidy up in a relaxed environment, without noise and music. According to Marie Kondo, noise makes you lose concentration and increases the time you spend doing housework.

In which order?

As far as the order to follow, the Konmari method is based on categories. We start with clothing and then move on to books, documents, objects and finally sentimental items. The order is gradual and goes from lowest to highest difficulty level.

How to Tidy Up Clothes Using the Konmari Method

  1. Don’t stack too many clothes  . Take a piece of clothing with your hands, look at it and think about whether its usefulness really makes you happy. Don’t keep clothes just because you feel guilty about throwing them away, recycling them, or donating them.
  2. Sort everything by categories  . According to the Konmari method, it is better to have everything in sight. Only hang clothes that need to be hung, such as shirts, jackets or silk dresses. Having everything at hand allows us to use items more often. Place the longest and heaviest items of clothing on the left and the lightest items on the right. Place light colors in front of dark ones.
  3. Fold clothes to save space  . According to Marie Kondo, a truly balanced wardrobe requires clothes to be folded correctly. Fold clothes so you can store them vertically for more space and more items in view.

Organize the books

The method is similar to that of clothing. Pick up each book and ask yourself if it makes you happy. Imagine how wonderful it is to only have books you are passionate about.

According to Marie Kondo, the ideal number of books is 30. Only keep the ones you enjoy reading.

If you have books you’ve never read, try reading them. If you can’t, donate or sell them. The book is intended for another person who will appreciate it.