3 tricks to perfume the whole house while vacuuming

One of the most pleasant sensations we can experience when entering a home is the immediate perception of our favorite perfume. Perfuming the house is easier than you might think and it is possible to do it without using chemical and dangerous products.

By following the tricks listed below, you can keep your home smelling delicious while vacuuming . This way you can kill two birds with one stone: in just one operation you will get a very clean and fragrant house.

The most interesting thing about these tricks is that they are completely natural and therefore harmless to health and are also very cheap.

The first trick is to make an aroma oil and mix aromas that can neutralize bad smells such as lavender, vanilla and citrus. You can also use perfume.

If you have a water-based vacuum cleaner, simply add a few drops directly to the tank each time you vacuum. If you have a classic vacuum cleaner, soak a cotton ball with the essential oils and place it in the bag.

The second trick is to make a perfumed mixture by pouring 250 ml of alcohol and 250 ml of water into a spray bottle. Then add 4 lemons and 4 oranges, peeled and cut into pieces, a handful of mint leaves and a handful of rosemary.

Let it sit for a few days, then shake it well and spray the solution onto a cloth that you put in the vacuum bag.

However, the third trick is to add fragrant leaves, spices or flowers directly into the vacuum cleaner bag.

You really are spoiled for choice. You can add 6 or 7 dried and crushed bay leaves, as well as cinnamon sticks or dried lavender flowers.

Then vacuum as usual, but remember to empty the bag after each use.