Here’s why you should start putting salt in the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a key ally in food preservation, but knowing how to take full advantage of its potential can be crucial in avoiding waste and preserving food freshness.

One of the ingredients that we often underestimate, but which can prove very useful in the context of preservation, is table salt. Simple salt can play an important role in preserving food quality and avoiding waste.

In this article we will explore why putting salt in the refrigerator is a wise practice and also discover other useful tricks with salt inside the home.

Salt in the fridge: a trick against excess moisture and food spoilage

Salt is known for its ability to absorb moisture, making it an excellent ally in keeping the environment inside the refrigerator relatively dry. Excessive moisture can accelerate food spoilage, promoting the growth of mold and bacteria.

Placing a small bowl with salt on the refrigerator shelf can help reduce humidity and thus prolong the freshness of food.

In addition, salt is also helpful in absorbing odors that are produced in the refrigerator.

However, it is important to note that you should not place salt directly in contact with food, as it may affect its taste. It is best to place the salt in a small bowl or porous bag to avoid direct contact.

Other useful tricks with salt

In addition to using salt to preserve freshness in the refrigerator, there are other interesting tricks you can experiment with inside your home:

Cleaning Copper and Brass Objects: Copper and brass objects tend to oxidize and lose their natural luster over time. Creating a mixture of salt, vinegar and flour can become an effective cleaning agent to restore shine to pots, pans, cutlery and other similar items. Gently rub the mixture onto the surfaces to be cleaned and then rinse thoroughly.

Natural Deodorizer: Salt can also act as a natural deodorizer for rooms such as the refrigerator or cupboards. Fill small cloth bags with salt and place them in the places you wish to deodorize. The salt will absorb unpleasant odors and help keep the air fresh.

Cleaning Stains on Carpets and Fabrics: Accidental stains on carpets or fabrics can be troublesome to remove. In these cases, a mixture of salt and water can be applied directly to the stain. Let it sit for a while and then wipe gently with a cloth. Salt can help absorb substances and make them easier to remove.

Salt is more than just a kitchen condiment. Its ability to absorb moisture, neutralize odors and act as a cleaning agent makes it a versatile ally inside the home. When it comes to food storage, putting salt in the refrigerator can help preserve freshness and prevent unwanted waste. So the next time you have excess salt, don’t hesitate to take advantage of its unexpected benefits in various ways within your home.