Hole in the jacket, throwing it away is a big mistake: an iron is enough to fix it

Hole in the jacket, don’t throw it away! Did you know that with just the iron you can fix it in minutes? This is how you should do it. The secret of the seamstresses who save clothes from the trash has been revealed.

If you have a   jacket with holes in it,   wait before throwing it away: you could fix it in no time! The secret to   making it look like new   ? The iron   that will solve all your problems.

Used clothes: that’s why you shouldn’t throw them away

We know that you also probably have, in some room in your house,   boxes full of old clothes   that you can’t wait to get rid of. Maybe you changed the seasons or organized your wardrobe and to your surprise you ended up with a   pile of clothes that you intend to throw   away as soon as possible.

Old clothes
 Know that   all clothing, even if it is old or even damaged, can be recovered. Not only can you leave them   like new   and therefore reuse them, but in some cases   the material they are made of is also perfect for making supplies or tools for your home.

Simply put,   anything worn out or old can become valuable to you   . For example,   did you know that even a jacket with holes can be repaired? Maybe you really like this coat but this hole bothers you and that’s why you’re going to give it away because it’s impossible to use laundry clothes? Wait a minute. We tell you how to solve the problem:   with the iron you will give new life to your coat.

How to repair a jacket with holes

Old clothes   can become a valuable resource for you and your home. If you have   old socks or t-shirts that are torn   , stained or have holes, wait until you throw them away: there are   many ideas   that you can also find on the internet that will allow you to reuse your clothes without having to donate them. far. Did you know that   even a jacket with holes can be repaired?

jacket hole

We see you: you are looking at your favorite coat   right now, hanging in the closet and what you would like to wear. What prevents you from doing it? It’s that   hateful hole  that prevents you from using it.

But wait before you give it away or throw it away:   did you know that you can give your jacket new life   just by using   the iron   ? Ready to find out how? So, let’s get started right away.

The process is actually very simple. The first thing you have to do is   get a   pair of blunt-tipped scissors with which you will cut   the excess batting   that comes out of the hole in your jacket.

Then take a   small piece of fabric   , fold it over itself and cut it into two   perfectly equal halves   . For now, you’ll only need one. What are you going to do with this   piece of fabric   ? You will have to cover it with   double-sided tape   .

To make sure the   glue   adheres perfectly to the fabric, you can also iron it over it. After completing this step,   remove the film that protects the glue   and you will see that your piece of fabric has become a   sticker   .

At this point,   you should place the fabric inside the hole of the jacket   . The most important step is this:   take your iron and place a thin towel   or cloth or gauze over the hole in your jacket and   run the iron over it: you will see that the hole will close as if by magic!

As you have seen,   you don’t even need a needle   to mend your favorite garment! If you have   clothes, jackets or coats with holes, wait to throw them away   . With this simple system, you can wear your favorite clothes again.

Sometimes,   the solution really is at home   : just with   an iron   and a double-sided adhesive patch you brought your clothes back to life. In addition to this technique that we have just indicated to you, there is also another that we are revealing to you and that can be useful in other situations.

If the hole   made in your coat   is larger than expected, you can simply hide it with a patch   of a particular shape or color that you prefer. Once again,   iron will come to your rescue.

Always get   double-sided tape   to stick under the patch. As we explained to you previously, also in this case you will have to iron   the   patch attached to the hole in your jacket and in a few seconds you will have a new coat to wear.

Or,   with a needle and thread   , if you’re a traditionalist, you could solve the  holey jacket problem   . All you have to do is get cotton of the same color as the jacket and then do the traditional sewing. See how simple?

jacket with holes