How do I properly clean the mattress before sending it back? Follow this method

Follow this method  to  thoroughly clean the mattress  before flipping it .  Sleep is a human need that should not be neglected  because it allows the body to rest after a tiring and long day. For this reason, special attention must  be paid to the different conditions that will help you  sleep peacefully at night. These criteria include  the absence of noise and soft music, but even more important is the berth on which to lie  .

It should be noted that in this moment of relaxation the skin also relaxes and at this moment  sweat, dead cells are released, as well as natural substances that penetrate into the  mattress  and pollute it.  For this reason, regular cleaning is necessary. Besides, it’s not difficult. There are grandmother’s remedies that provide a thorough cleaning.

The first thing to do

First of all,  you need to remove any dust and mites that may be stuck there using a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

Then expose the mattress  to the sun for a few hours to dry it out  . At the same time, try   to ventilate and  sweep the room to remove any dirt  .

How do I properly clean the mattress before sending it back? Follow this method

You can use all of these ingredients to properly disinfect the mattress.


This white powder  enables effective dry cleaning of textiles  . In addition, it contains  antibacterial properties  that help disinfect the material.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Sprinkle the  baking soda  on the mattress.
  2. Then  rub gently so that the product can be absorbed  .
  3. Wait 2 hours  and  vacuum again  to remove the ingredient.

Talc Pads

Talc powder also effectively absorbs excess fluid and sebum in the mattress and  is used like baking soda.

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