Cleaning tap water: This is how it works, it really works

Cleaning tap water  : This is how you can do it  . But the question arises:  is it really necessary?  In this article you will learn why experts recommend purifying tap water.

Cleaning tap water: why?

Filtering water or purifying tap water should be a habit we develop. But does that mean our water is contaminated? You should know that the water we use in the kitchen to wash dishes and prepare meals is not completely safe and harmless to health.

Tap water contains physical, biological and chemical contaminants, and minerals are among the most common contaminants, including limescale  .  Additionally,  using  water packaged in plastic bottles was never a good idea  for  two reasons: consumption and cost  .

Each plastic bottle goes through an industrial process  that is not free of pollutants such as emissions and non-degradable waste.  Not to mention,   bottled water contains artificial ingredients like pesticides, nitrogen, toxins, bleach, and even mercury.

In addition, there are  pharmaceutical by-products  , all of which are harmful to health. But one of the simplest reasons not to use bottled water is simply that it’s not safe to consume food that has been in constant contact with plastic.

Cleaning tap water: This is how it works, it really works

Removing the pollutants contained in tap water is not only good for our health, but  also allows us to taste better water.

You should know that  tap water that contains heavy minerals promotes the development of diseases in the long term  . In fact, tap water is the  breeding ground for microbes, bacteria, viruses and protozoa  , which pose a real danger if ingested.

It is therefore possible to use several water filtration solutions:

  • Install a  filter  directly on the faucet  . The water first passes through the filter before it is used.
  • Use the jug that is equipped with a filter system  .

The first filter option is  99.9% efficient in removing chlorine, bacteria, metals and microplastics.

With the second option, the filter jug, the idea is to completely avoid the use of plastic bottles.  This jug has a  capacity of 2.4 liters  and can be placed in the refrigerator. This carafe is  equipped with an internal filter that needs to be changed regularly  . The advantage of the jug is that it  has a digital display  .