Use these tricks in the shower to keep it smelling fresh

Follow these tips to keep the shower smelling fresh.  The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house because, in addition to the bedroom,  this place is also perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work.

For this reason  , it is important to maintain it regularly, focusing on both decoration and scents  . Therefore, for a nicer shower with pleasant and fresh scents, there are several natural ingredients that you can alternate.

Use these tricks in the shower to keep it smelling fresh


This  plant  full of virtues is  perfect for the respiratory system and for renewing the air  . Just hang  a branch under the shower  . The steam enhances the intoxicating smell.

Rosemary: one of those tricks in the shower to keep it smelling fresh

 Known for its incomparable scent,  this  aromatic herb is ideal as a substitute for bay leaves, making the room even purer.  The use is the same as before, but it must be kept away from water.


An incomparable symbol of freshness, this food  brings gentle and authentic scents to the shower.  A few leaves attached to the knob  are enough to set the entire room on fire.


Like the last product mentioned above, it also allows you to decorate the bathroom with pleasant scents.

There are two options:  one is to attach a strand near the shower where the steam can penetrate, or alternatively, place the plant in a small vase and protect it from water penetration.  

Marseille soap

It is the most commonly used  product in the home.  All the ingredients that compose it have been perfectly dosed to offer a unique and of course fantastically sweet scent  that will undoubtedly intoxicate the entire bathroom.  A loaf near the knob  , and that’s it.

Citrus fruits

To do this, you need to  take lemon  or orange peels and either attach them to a string next to the shower head or place them in a saucer place away from the water flow.


  1. To avoid problems,  always check the allergy risks associated with specific plants and products before use  .
  2. Finally, it is important to note that  these ingredients must not be installed near water splashes.

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