Vinegar and lemon in the morning: an unwise choice, here’s why

 Taking  vinegar  and  lemon in the morning on an empty stomach  is an unwise decision, here’s why  . When it comes to health, you can’t ignore nutrition. And when it comes to nutrition, we talk about the daily diet and the little tips that are known to help achieve a specific goal.

In fact  , these tips are not based on scientific studies, but are simple beliefs  . It actually seems that  lemon water  makes digestion easier or that spices help lower blood sugar levels.  Or the combination of vinegar and lemon taken on an empty stomach would help lose excess pounds. However, this last belief turns out to be completely wrong  .

Vinegar and lemon in the morning: an unwise choice, here’s why

Vinegar and  lemon  , taken on an empty stomach, are believed to be good for  the  body  . In fact, these ingredients seem  to contribute to detoxification and ensure calorie burning  . However, the combination of vinegar and lemon is really not beneficial to your health.  It is actually the opposite, because consuming this solution causes damage to the body  .

According to popular belief, it is a preparation that helps fight inflammation and certain diseases  . However, when the two acidic substances  mix, they alter the stomach walls and pose a real threat to dental health  . In addition, they can  cause high blood pressure and lead to other problems in diabetics.

When it comes to nutrition, you should never neglect it.  You should always seek the advice of an expert who is able to carefully examine the condition and needs of a person’s body and, based on this, derive nutrition for everyday life.

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