How do you clean the inside glass of the oven? It’s simpler than you think

To be honest, I thought it was simply impossible. And it turns out very simple.

I was annoyed that the space between the panes isn’t tight enough to prevent it from getting dirty, but you can’t wash it. It’s really frustrating!

I have since discovered how wrong I was. Recently I learned a simple trick and this problem is solved once and for all.

The coolest thing about it is that it’s so easy!

Smart shutter

It turns out that in every modern oven there is a mechanism for separating the glass. I had no idea!

Depending on the manufacturer, the mechanism can be different, but I found it in a few seconds. I am sure that you can easily cope with this task.

In my oven you just press the button on one side and the mechanism pushes the glass away.

And the rest is a question of choosing the cleaning agent. For stubborn dirt, you can use dishwashing liquid or an oven cleaner. Baking soda, vinegar, dissolved dishwasher tablets, glass cleaner, hot dishwasher, whatever you choose, with access to both windows from the inside you can finally get rid of the dirt in between!

When you’re done, reconnect the glass and enjoy the view of the sparkling clean oven door!

If you can’t find the latch in your oven, check the manual. If you don’t have it, check YouTube. There are many videos showing how to remove the glass on different oven models.