One tablet – and the soot is gone: the easy way to clean pans

Anyone who continues to use gas burners after a while has a problem with pans on which a lot of burnt fat and soot accumulates.

Of course, it is best to clean it regularly, then the mud will not become thick and consist of many layers. However, scrubbing after each use is not that easy and even a thin layer of sediment can be difficult to remove.

We recommend trying this simple and very effective method. Other common methods such as soda, mustard powder, citric acid, vinegar or scouring powder are not used.

This method allows you to easily remove soot from the bottom of the pan.

So what are we going to use? Dishwasher tabs. It is worth noting that this product does not contain any harsh chemicals in its composition and is absolutely safe, as it is intended for dishwashing. You will also need a pot that fits the pan.

For heavily soiled pans, use one tablet per liter of water.

Pour water into the pot, say 4 liters. Put the pan on the fire and boil the water. Throw in four tablets. Slightly reduce the intensity of the flame, submerge the pans and cook for an hour.

After this time, the pan can be removed from the liquid. Cooking removes some of the soot without intervention.

The residue can be removed with the hard side of the sponge.

If it is difficult to remove at this point, use a metal scouring pad. However, use it as a last resort as it will scratch the surface of the pan and if you use it to clean the surface, it will be more susceptible to soot buildup.

n Rinse thoroughly with clean water after the procedure. Do not throw away the cleaning solution left in the jar. You can also use the same water to clean other pans or pots.