Salt and laurel are worth their weight in gold in the household: their many hidden uses

Salt and bay leaves are indispensable in the household because they solve many problems that no one would think of.

As a rule, coarse and fine salt are used for cooking. Bay leaf, on the other hand, is particularly helpful for digestive problems. It has incredible properties that, once discovered, make it an indispensable and indispensable product in the kitchen and generally in the home.

Both salt and bay leaves have many uses. Few people know about them, but they are extraordinary natural remedies that can be used without much effort and, above all, without spending a cent… can achieve fantastic and sensational results.

That’s not a little.

When is coarse salt helpful in the household?
Coarse salt can be found in every household in the world, especially in Italy, where grandmothers even use it to salt the pasta water. A few spoonfuls can also be useful for softening textiles in the washing machine, as it softens the water by removing excess limescale.

This makes the water less hard and the laundry is treated much better and more economically. The result is that jeans and towels look like new when washed in the washing machine, even if they are already worn or have just been tumble dried, and they are velvety soft like never before.

In addition, the salt used when washing white clothes prevents yellowing, while in colored clothes it refreshes the colors, making them much more vibrant and bright. To achieve these results, you should add coarse salt to the water, soak the laundry you want to wash, whether white or colored, and then wash it in the washing machine as usual.