How do you get laundry that smells good? Here are our tips for scenting laundry  

We are all waiting for summer to come to enjoy the hot days personally, but let’s be honest, to finally get wonderfully smelling laundry that dries easily without having to worry about that wet smell that we hate so much.

However, this is not always the case because sometimes we don’t get the super smelling laundry we expected.

What should you use to keep your laundry smelling good?
If the sun is a godsend for scenting laundry, other mistakes can also jeopardize the good smell of our clothes, including using the wrong products.

In fact, we recommend that you always use natural ingredients as they are gentle and refresh the fabrics. Among them we offer you Marseille soap, known since our grandmothers for its ability to exude an intoxicating scent!

Simply add a spoonful of liquid Marseille soap to the detergent drawer and start the wash cycle. But regardless of whether we are talking about natural ingredients from the pantry or purchased products, always remember not to overdo the quantities or, on the contrary, not to use too little, because in both cases you risk Find the smell on your clothes.

In the laundry basket
Also remember that it is best not to leave particularly smelly items in the laundry basket for too long before washing your clothes.

In fact, we cause these bad smells to settle and then it becomes difficult to eliminate them. This is especially true for sweat-soaked clothing, which we often find during this very hot season. They must therefore be washed immediately.

When the washing process is finished
Also remember to immediately remove the laundry from the drum and hang it up after you finish machine washing. In fact, we often tend to leave them there until we have the time and desire to throw them away.


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However, this habit is very harmful because stagnant water creates a damp and musty smell that sticks to clothes and “eats up all the good smells.” You will therefore be forced to wash again.

Once the clothes are out of the drum, it’s time to hang them up. This phase is just as important as that of washing, because it often happens that we have strong-smelling clothes straight from the washing machine and no longer smell that good smell after drying.

This means that there were “failures” during the drying phase. The first reason could be that you hung too many clothes and didn’t give them the space they needed to dry by absorbing the sunlight. That’s why we always advise you to only hang a few items of clothing at a time and take up as much space as possible.

Another golden rule is to hang clothes in the sun, as clothes exposed to direct sunlight can produce substances that give off a pleasant smell. However, keep in mind that clothes exposed to the sun for too long can dry out to the point where they lose their good smell and even dry out, like towels.

We therefore recommend that you take off the clothes immediately after drying so that the good smell remains even when worn and, above all, to expose the clothes to the sun when it is not yet very strong, especially in the early hours of the morning.

Cleaning the washing machine
A final reason why clothes tend to smell is the buildup of dirt in the washing machine. We therefore remind you to carry out an empty wash at least once a month by adding about 150 g of citric acid to 1 liter of water, mix this mixture, pour it into the drum and start the empty wash cycle.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to other components of the washing machine, such as the seal and the drawer, where dirt accumulates quickly and easily.