How do you get your grill sparkling clean in no time? This method hits the spot.

May is undoubtedly the ideal time to have a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace. Before this season begins, however, the first thing to do is clean the utensils, especially the grill.

Let’s face it: cleaning a grill is no walk in the park. Even if you use special cleaning products, they cannot neutralize traces of grease or burnt residue.

But this trick will change your everyday life. The TikToker named Pizzapawel revealed that it involves cleaning a grill in a snap.

This little-known method has caused a stir online because it removes dirt instantly. Since it is a simple method that everyone can use, Pizzapawel did not hesitate for a second to share it with other Internet users.

To do this, he used a simple dishwashing tablet, which is the secret ingredient to keeping a grill looking new. How do you get rid of all that dirt in no time?

Take the dirty and stained grill and submerge it in a basin of water. Next, scrub it with dishwashing detergent. In no time your grill will be like new again and you can use it again for your next barbecue evening.

It is an innovative trick that can simplify people’s everyday lives. That’s why many people have already tried it, with completely satisfactory results.

The video went viral and received 120,000 likes in just one day. Here are some of the comments people have made about this hack: “Awesome! Thanks for this trick.

Other users also suggest using this trick to solve other problems. It is also suitable, for example, for cleaning a burnt baking tray