How do you keep your kitchen container clean and odorless? 6 work tips

The smells from the trash are as unpleasant as they are annoying. The accumulation of certain waste in the garbage can lead to very strong odors and the proliferation of bacteria. Learn to clean and deodorize to keep your home clean with these simple tips.
The smells coming from the trash can are often disgusting and disturbing. However, tackling the bad smells in your waste can start with cleaning and disinfecting, as recommended by the house cleaning experts at Maidright.

Clean the container with white vinegar
White vinegar is an effective natural antibacterial agent. With the acetic acid contained in it, you can easily eliminate bacteria that contaminate trash cans and dispel bad smells.

White vinegar – Source: spm

To clean the trash with white vinegar, we offer 2 options

Option 1
First empty the container and then ventilate it to keep it outside for a few hours. Then dip a sponge in white vinegar and rub it into the container. Pay particular attention to corners and walls. Then rinse the container with Clear’eau and dry with fresh air. You can renew the process every 15 days.

Option 2
You can make your own cleaning product by combining white vinegar with detergent. The latter cleans the walls of the container from traces of dirt and crust.

This is what you need

250 ml white vinegar;
1 tablespoon detergent;
1 Liter Water
Mix eau, white vinegar, and laundry detergent in a container. Dip a sponge into this mixture and rub the entire container. Then rinse it with the Eau Claire and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth to prevent bacteria growth and shape the humidity.

Since there is a trash can in your trash can, you can clean both the trash can and the trash can using the same technology. This trick also works with all types of trash cans: plastic, metal, or stainless steel. Remember that you can also use black soap or even lemonade crystals to clean trash. Regularly cleaning the garbage can not only eliminate bad smells, but also prevent bacteria from multiplying.

After disinfecting your trash can, you can use the following tips to deodorize and combat stubborn odors.

How can you deodorize trash naturally?
– Natriumbicarbonat
This is a natural solvent that you can use to neutralize the unpleasant odors of your garbage. Simply sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom of the container, let it sit for 10 minutes and remove the remaining soda.

Another trick is to sprinkle two tablespoons of baking soda at the bottom of the trash and place the new trash bag inside. Keep soda at the bottom of the container to absorb bad smells and remember to change it as often as possible to keep it effective.

To give your trash a pleasant scent, you can place a cup of baking soda and a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil at the bottom of the trash can

Sodium bicarbonate for deodorizing waste – Source: spm

  • The lemon
    Place the lemon peel at the bottom of your basket to deodorize it and fill it with the pleasant smell of this citrus fruit. In addition, lemon is used not only to deodorize trash cans, but also to remove bad smells from the entire kitchen, especially those stuck in the oven or refrigerator.

Zitrone – Quelle: spm

– Coffee beans
Place the coffee beans in the trash like a round of baking soda in a sock or cloth bag and place your trash bag on top. Change the beans as soon as the cauldron of garbage turns into a coffee aroma.

L’astuce of Coffee Ground is also very effective at absorbing bad odors. To do this, put some in a cup that you place at the bottom of the basket.

Coffee set – source: spm

To prevent your trash cans from smelling bad, you also need to be careful about the trash you throw away. In fact, some waste has a strong smell and can contaminate your garbage and permeate it with bad smells such as empty seafood and easily damaged, herring bones or animal feces. In this case, it is better to empty the trash as quickly as possible, especially in hot weather.

With these practical and natural tips, you can get rid of smelly smells entering your kitchen.