Why does it make sense to put onions in the freezer?

Whether RAW or cooked, onions are rich in trace minerals that make them an unstoppable ally for health. Did you know that you have to put them in the freezer? Once you know why this trick will make your life easier, one thing is certain: you’ll use it every day!
All types of onions can provide you with rich nutritional values ​​when you incorporate them into your cooked dishes. You also get three benefits from putting this unstoppable source of nutrients in the freezer.

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Why put onions in the freezer?
For poultry or salads, onions are an ideal food to improve the taste of all dishes. Why not put it in the freezer instead of keeping it at room temperature? Once you know the reasons for this trick, you can’t do without it!

– So there are no cracks when cutting
If you’re used to cutting a fresh onion, don’t move. This gesture can irritate the eyes and cause them to tear. Place the onion in the freezer 10 minutes before bleaching. Once you remove it, you no longer have to deal with this inconvenience.

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Two more reasons to freeze this vinaigrette
For those whose eyes tear up while chopping these foods, putting raw onions in the freezer is a no-brainer. There are other benefits to freezing them at home . Although they store well at room temperature, storing them in the freezer can make your life easier.

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Having frozen onions saves you time
Storing yellow or red onions in the freezer is not only food, but also ideal for anyone who is used to cooking regularly and in large quantities. And for good reason: most recipes contain this ingredient chopped, minced, or diced. This food with high nutritional value is available at any time and you no longer have to peel it or add it to the pan with a knife. All you have to do is take your airtight bags out of the freezer and place them in the jar. Even more: you don’t have to wash the cutting board and your fingers don’t smell like onions!

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For a longer life
If it’s a good idea to store onions in the freezer, it’s only to prevent them from softening, shaping, or losing their flavor . Freezer storage helps store these foods more efficiently. To keep your white onions or other varieties as long as possible, it is advisable to freeze them in an airtight bag so that their smell does not penetrate the food in your device.

– Before freezing, start by chopping onions
To have fresh food pre-cut and ready to cook, you must first CHOP onions using your preferred method. To make large batches you can use a knife or food processor in airtight containers.

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– Place them in a freezer bag
To quickly add them to your preparations, it’s important to place them in an airtight freezer bag so your onions will last. This container is also useful for preventing the freezer from smelling onions . Do not fill it to the top and leave some space in the container. All you have to do is freeze these incredibly healthy foods.

This other method allows you to store onions for a long time
Instead of using an airtight bag, you can put the onion pieces in other packaging. Simply cut a medium-sized onion into cubes and wrap it in food foil or pastry paper. Then put on a large freezer bag. With this technology you know exactly how much to put on your plate . You can also add red or white onions to ice cube trays that you place in an airtight bag. To clean your containers and remove the smell of onions, simply use chemical yeast, an unstoppable deodorant from System D!

As you may have guessed, putting an onion in the freezer makes perfect sense. Not only can it avoid eye irritation, it can also be better preserved and available at any time!

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