Put soap in an old sock – it solves one of the biggest problems in the bathroom

It is possible to have clean and fragrant bathrooms in record time. An old sock can be a big help with this very effective tip. One thing is for sure: you won’t want to miss out on this excellent method!
With the incredible System-D technology you can disinfect your toilet and bring it back to life. And for good reason: a simple sock can help you remove dirt while leaving a long-lasting good smell in the room.

Why does a sock provide a clean, fragrant toilet?
An old sock can help remove microbes, germs and dirt from the toilet. If you want your bathroom to shine, you also need an antibacterial soap. This product is used to deodorize and perfume that surface which is exposed to mold, bad odors and limestone.

Parfümseife – Quelle: spm

How do you use this method to create a pleasant smell in your toilet?
For a powerful toilet cleaning effect, take an old sock and put soap on the bottom of the sock. Cut them vertically until you reach the detergent. Then tie a knot by connecting the two cut ends of the sock in a pocket. Hang the sock in the box using the formed knot placed on a base. Clean your toilet every time and smell it at the same time.

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What habits should be adopted to prevent bad smells in the toilet?
You don’t have to invest in perfumes to make your bathroom smell good. There are many things you can do to prevent dirt and odors from occurring. It starts with ventilation of the room, but also out of habit, leave wet towels in the sun to prevent the formation of mold. Cleaning drains and laundry baskets is essential to this home task.

To clean the toilet and eliminate unpleasant odors, you can also do without household products. These unusual methods will help you have a clean and shiny toilet bowl .

1 cola soda to clean the toilet
Did you know that cola can help clean? And for good reason: it helps very well against tartar in the toilet. If you want a clean bowl , it is enough to pour this refreshing drink around the edge and into the glass. Leave the product on for one hour. All you have to do is rub with a brush and rinse. You can repeat the process until the ceramic is intact.

2-white vinegar to disinfect the toilet
White vinegar is an ingredient to clean the whole house effectively. C ‘is a healthy alternative to bleach, inhalation of which can affect the respiratory system. This acid solution is particularly effective at removing traces of limescale that accumulate on the bathtub. To do this, you need to sprinkle a piece of paper on the whitish areas. Leave the product on overnight and flush the toilet. An impressive disinfection gesture!

Odor inhibitor ingredient – Source: spm

3- Boiling water to avoid clogging the toilet
It is recommended to repair blocked toilets. There is nothing easier for a better eau flow. You need to pour the eau to boil into a pot in the bowl. A healthy and effective alternative to chemicals!

As you may have understood, there is great advice at home, including the toilet. A simple sock and soap can prevent dirt and remove bacteria. Incredible, is not it?