How do you make crusty kitchen plates look new again with this very simple method?

Check out  this super easy method to make crusty kitchen plates look new again  . Cooking is a passion and a passion is both motivating and tiring. Cooking for your loved ones isn’t a problem, but when it comes to cleaning up, you have to muster all your courage to finish rinsing and wiping.

Make kitchen plates encrusted with baking soda look like new again

Of course, at the top of the list is  baking soda  , a natural ingredient that is a star in home care. We all have this product in our cupboards and if not then you must surely have some at home.

To use this natural ingredient,  make a thick paste by mixing this white powder with water  . All you have to do is  put the dough on the plates and let it dry  .  Then remove any remaining dirt with a sponge  .

The yellow soap

Yellow soap  is not only a powerful cleaning agent for the washing machine, but also a highly effective product for cleaning kitchen stoves and plates.

To use the yellow soap, simply take  a scoop and liberally soak a sponge with it.  You then need to  clean the lamps and panels thoroughly  . Then continue  rinsing repeatedly  and you will see that your utensils become like new again.

olive oil

Healthy fat for removing grease from utensils. It’s entirely possible. In fact, this product has excellent  degreasing properties that  allow cleaning with minimal effort  .

To do this, put  some oil on a napkin and brush it on the plates. The idea is to pack well  .  Leave  the olive oil  to act for a while and rinse under running water to remove the dirt while supporting the cleaning gesture with a stroke of the sponge.

Use the combination of vinegar and lemon

These are  two high-acid ingredients  that will have your pans sparkling in no time. To use this mixture,  put the items to be cleaned in a pot and add a glass and a half  of vinegar  with a good amount  of lemon juice  .

Next, pour  very hot water over it and let it soak for a while  . You will see that the dirt will come off naturally. Then simply  rinse and clean with a sponge.