Halos and brown spots on steel cutlery: the effective natural remedy

Here is  the effective natural remedy to clean halos and brown spots on steel cutlery.  Most household cutlery is made of stainless steel. Although  stainless steel  is known to be extremely strong and durable, you should know that it  is never immune to oxidation   . How to restore their shine.

The cause of halos and brown spots on steel cutlery

Steel is made of chrome or nickel. Compared to iron or steel, steel is a material that is not easily corroded. This is possible thanks to a protective film that gives the metal better resistance to corrosion. However, this outer layer is not as immune to external influences.

What different types of stainless steel are there for cutlery?

In restaurants and hotel complexes,  stainless steel with an 18/10 alloy, i.e. 18% chromium and 10  %  nickel , is most commonly used  . However, there are also 18/0 and 18/8 alloys.

You should know that 18/0 alloys are the least resistant because they are nickel-free. Logically, these cutlery are the cheapest in terms of price and can be used for home use.

Steel cutlery is most susceptible to scratches from frequent cleaning with brushes or the abrasive side of the sponge   . While the water itself is not a problem for the cutlery,  it is the limescale that forms  .

Halos and brown spots on steel cutlery: the effective natural remedy

  • To clean the cutlery, we recommend using soft cloths, microfiber cloths or even sponges  .
  • It is strongly not recommended to use scrapers, wire or steel sponges  so as not to increase the scratches on the surfaces.
  • It is also very important to use the right products, that is, products that will not further damage the cutlery  . We must favor natural solutions that are gentler.

What’s next?

  1. Remove leftover food or drink as quickly as possible
  2. Dissolve a tablespoon of  baking soda  in a liter of water
  3. Pour the solution into a basin
  4. Immerse the cutlery in it for a few minutes
  5. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth

Not only is this product a  powerful cleaner and shiner  , but it also helps remove stubborn stains. It is also recommended to clean the cutlery using the intensive rinse program.