Cockroaches invade the kitchen: this food is to blame

If  cockroaches invade the kitchen  ,  the food  is to blame  . In fact, these cockroaches love one food in particular and it must be removed immediately. This summer season, cockroaches are inevitable, but removing this food at night can put an end to their invasion.

How to prevent cockroach invasion?

  • The municipality must carry out an annual disinfestation  to prevent its spread but also the contamination of food. In fact, cockroaches build their nests in the house and like invisible corners like  closets  and pantries.
  • Pantries should be cleaned every seven days  to prevent cockroaches from entering. FYI: Cockroaches love dirt and leftover food.
  • Natural tricks are the most effective for  repelling cockroaches  . To do this,  you can use a mixture of lemon and vinegar or a mixture of garlic and onions.

Cockroaches invade the kitchen: this food is to blame

Cockroaches generally don’t like  light   They prefer to nest in the darker areas of the house. In addition,  cockroaches come out at night and at dawn  . If you notice that your indoor space is infested with cockroaches, then it is best to act immediately and banish the chemicals.

The first thing to do is make sure the house is clean  . Then you need to check if there is food lying around the house. You should know that cockroaches like sweet foods, but also bread.

In fact,  German cockroaches like to eat bread, sweets, but also cookies and pasta.  German cockroaches are characterized by their small size. However, they have the same antennae as plastic cockroaches. These cockroaches also crawl very quickly and get between cracks like in the baseboard.