How do you make window drip cleaner when it’s raining outside?

Here’s  how to use window drip cleaner when it’s raining outside  . If you think that rainwater cleans the windows of the openings in your house, then you are wrong. During the rainy season, the windows become dirty due to the  splashes  of heavy rain.

How do you make window drip cleaner when it’s raining outside?

Also during this period it is necessary  to properly care for the glass of doors or windows  to ensure good visibility. Here is a tip called “   drip cleaner   ” or  anti-drip  to solve this common problem.

The list of ingredients needed for preparation

To make your personal anti-gout remedy, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 120 ml  white vinegar
  • 120 ml demineralized water
  • Juice of 1 lemon

What steps to follow to make the window “drip cleaner”?

All of the above ingredients are easy to find. They each have their own characteristics, but can be perfectly combined to  make window cleaning  easier.

When cleaning without rinsing, vinegar is often used, while cornstarch acts as a drip guard. The  lemon,  on the other hand, enhances the effect of the vinegar and gives your windows a pleasant scent.

Preparing your magic solution is as follows:

  1. Gradually add cornstarch to water. Mix well until completely dissolved (avoid lumps)
  2. Filter the lemon juice and add it to the vinegar along with the preparation
  3. Put everything in a spray bottle and mix all the ingredients well
  4. Spray the windows of your home and then wipe them with a dry cotton cloth

Other anti-drip methods

If you want even more anti-drip tricks, you can use these few equally effective tricks from grandmothers.

  • Half a potato  : Cut the potato in half and use half for cleaning windows. This creates a  patina for the raindrops  .
  • Newspaper  : Absorbing the water droplets with a newspaper sheet makes the windows shine
  • Borotalco  : Mix one tablespoon of Borotalco in 700ml of water. Use this  no-rinse product  to remove raindrops from your windows. These will also smell good.
  • Yellow Soap  : Yellow soap is the solution for heavily soiled windows. Soak a soft sponge with yellow soap and wipe it over the windows you want to clean. Rinse with water and then dry with a dry cotton cloth.