Toilets: Never flush the toilet with the lid open

Toilets:  Never flush the toilet  with the lid open  . But what is the reason for  lowering the seat  before flushing the toilet?

Toilets: Never flush the toilet with the lid open

We were taught to lower the lid after use  because bad smells can quickly spread throughout the room  . There is another reason that may seem impossible but can happen to us.

In fact, the toilets are directly connected to the sewer system. Therefore  , it is very likely that mice, cockroaches or even snakes will pay an unexpected visit  . Although it may seem crazy, you should never rule out this possibility.

However , one of the important reasons that the  toilet seat  needs to be lowered is that  the water used has come into contact with the dirt and needs that we have evacuated  .

This means that this water is full of germs and  bacteria  . And if we leave the door open for them, the air we breathe becomes polluted.

What are the consequences?

In fact, the consequences are not zero. Because  the air carries germs and bacteria  , which are among the most dangerous, our health is at risk.

These volatile substances cling to the fibers of our clothing, settle on our hands, our faces, our toothbrushes, our towels, etc.

And when the bacteria are ingested, it causes serious health problems  , especially in the intestines. It is quite possible  to develop gastroenteritis, which is not without consequences for the health of the colon and stomach  .

If you adopt this good gesture, you will limit the transmission of bacteria to 80%.

What if there is no lid?

If you use the toilets at gas stations or stores or simply  relieve yourself outside the home,  raising and lowering with the soles of your shoes is  a good idea.

This will help you avoid hand contact with that part of the toilet. Finally  , it is advisable to always lower the lid to protect our health.