How do you make your dishes shine with homemade tips?

If you want to put shiny dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, you need to follow proper cleaning practices.

In addition, choosing the most suitable detergent, correct placement in the washing basket and using specific programs can help achieve optimal results.

Shiny dishes and glasses in the dishwasher
The dishwasher has become an indispensable appliance in many households. Supermarkets are full of cleaning products for washing machines and dishwashers.

However, many people turn to alternative, less aggressive and more environmentally friendly products to achieve perfect cleaning, including functional and economical DIY products.

Careful dishwashing is important and must be done every day to avoid the arrival of unwanted guests such as ants or worse, cockroaches!

Cleanliness is therefore not only the guarantee of shiny dishes, but also the certainty of perfectly clean and germ-free dishes.

However, the materials from which the dishes are made require compliance with precise rules that vary depending on the type of dishes. For example, dishes should be washed in hot water and dried immediately without allowing them to drip.

Fortunately, we can all follow these rules and easily achieve uniform cleanliness of the dishes we use every day using the dishwasher.

Even in this case we can count on some tips that will make our washing more efficient.

In addition, the issue of using a dishwasher in terms of water consumption has been widely discussed and has been shown to be sensible and environmentally friendly wherever possible. First, a precise amount of water is used for washing, eliminating waste. In addition, the dishes are also dried, saving time for those who work outside and have to take care of the household.

In any case, it is best to only use the dishwasher when it is full and only wash the dishes by hand in exceptional cases to ensure that they are completely clean. End of the rinse cycle.

In addition, choosing to wash dishes with a dishwasher guarantees better hygiene. Hot water and high temperatures when drying kill germs.


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To improve dishwashing even further and get brighter dishes and glasses, we can use one of the many methods that our grandmothers used, even if they didn’t have this valuable device!

Grandma’s tip for clean dishes
Before the invention of the dishwasher, we washed dishes by hand, using water, soap and sponges or rags. But those who often did it by hand knew that this method took a lot of time and effort

Not to mention that with the soaps of the time, manual rinsing often did not ensure optimal cleanliness of the dishes. In fact, we have used a lot more water and put more strain on the environment. That’s why the dishwasher was a real revolution in home life and for the preservation of the ecosystem.

But who is behind the invention of this device for women? The dishwasher was invented by an American woman in 1886, but it didn’t wash dishes.

It seems that this woman was tired of seeing her precious porcelain damaged by her servants who washed it by hand.

Josephine Cochrane, the name of this extraordinary inventor, had the idea of ​​a machine that projected jets of hot water onto dishes thanks to a manually operated pump system.

His invention was later presented at the Columbian Fair in Chicago in 1893, where it was apparently a great success. It was not until 1929 that the first dishwashers were introduced to Europe by the German company Miele.

Since then, the dishwasher has been part of our everyday lives, but a few tips can be helpful to ensure shiny dishes and use natural systems.

To use this tip, you will need to place a jar in the dishwasher filled with a mixture of:

150g citric acid
one liter of distilled water
volatile oil.
With a few drops of essential oil we not only give the dishes the desired shine, but also give our glassware a fragrant touch and a unique aroma after washing.

Let’s not forget that this mixture can also be used to empty the dishwasher, as all ingredients have a descaling effect. We can do this every two months to clean and disinfect our dishwasher.