How to remove stains from a mattress: effective tips that will delight you

Do you know how to effectively remove stains from a mattress? We reveal the foolproof tips, try them out and see what success looks like.

Sweat, urine or blood stains on a mattress can be a real problem, they are not always easy to remove, you need patience and a lot of strength. If the stains are “fresh”, the removal will be quick and, above all, effective, otherwise this will not be the case.

Mattresses should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, mites and stains. But due to lack of time or simple distraction, people often forget to clean them. This is a common problem for many, so we want to give you some little tips and you will see that cleaning your mattress by removing stains will be a breeze.

Use this trick to remove stains from the mattress
The mattress needs to be cleaned regularly, only then can you sleep well, ensure durability and, above all, hygiene in the long term. Not only can poor cleaning expose people with dust mite allergies to annoying problems, it’s also not pleasant to see a stained mattress.

Before removing stains, there are some preparatory steps to follow, remove sheets and mattress cover, machine wash. Follow our advice. We vacuum, if it hasn’t been done for a long time, it should be done at least once a month. It is best to whip it vigorously with the mixer at least once a week.


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You can also clean the mattress with a steam brush to ensure thorough hygiene. Remember to let the mattress dry completely before covering it with sheets. Stains can be removed with a natural mixture of water and baking soda. Mix well until you get a creamy mixture. We spread it on the stains and let it work until the baking soda dries. To remove the latter, vacuum it.

If the stain is stubborn, the only solution is to put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the stain. As soon as you notice small bubbles, remove them with the vacuum cleaner.

Another remedy is to make a solution of lukewarm water to which we add a little lemon juice, which should make up a third of the vinegar. Put everything in a spray bottle, shake and spray directly onto the stains.

Rub with a microfiber cloth until the stain is completely lightened, then allow it to dry completely.